Orthopaedic Bojin Massage

A signature TCM treatment that helps relief muscle tension.

$38/per area

(u.p. $288-388)

Experience the magic of Bojin.

From $38/area, or for $69 for both face & body!

A house speciality, Bojin(拨筋) massages are widely popular amongst Singaporeans for it’s quick relief of aches, tension and stress, or for improved circulation of blood.

Elegance offers 2 specialised types of Bojin treatments: 
Bojin for the Body (u.p $288), that focuses on pressure points that relief aches, pains, and muscle tenseness, and Bojin Facial(u.p $388) which targets your meridian points, relieving headaches, reduces wrinkles, and skin sagging. 

Experiencing the following issues?

Bojin Massages when executed by a trained masseuse brings with it, a myriad of short-term, and long-term benefits to one’s health. We invite all customers to take advantage of our limited time offer to give this treatment a shot, and experience the results yourself.

Ailments Treated by Bojin Facial

Ailments Treated by Bojin Body



Targeting the meridian points such as the Yin Tang, Ren Zhong, and Tai Yang points around the head, Bojin reliefs tension headaches, migraines, dizziness, insomnia and restlessness.


Wrinkles & Fine Lines

While meridian points such as the Si Bai, Yi Feng, focuses on the improvement on areas relating to skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and acne reduction.

Ailments Treated by Bojin Body


Pains and Aches

Depending on client to client, Bojin Body focuses on massaging pressure points that relief different types of aches such as lower back, neck, lower back, and more.

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Liver & Kidney Health

Bojin is also widely applied in the TCM profession to treat and regulate the function of liver and kidney.

More on Bojin Treatments

Bojin Massages originated as a orthopaedic massage-focusing on the relief of muscle and joint related ailments, but has more recently gained popularity as a facial treatment. Bojin focuses on stimulating and relief of the meridian channels and pressure points using pressure, and massage patterns. 

Bojin is executed using a tool usually fashioned out of ox horn, or jade. They are carved in a non-uniform shape so that each side can target different areas of concern. Elegance Group masseuses are professionally trained to ensure to identify pressure points and apply the correct pressure and rhythm to ensure you leave each our treatment rooms feeling refreshed and better than ever.

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What to expect when you book an appointment


Once the form is filled up, a consultant will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment. 


Our masseuse will advice you on the suitability of treatment. For example, elderly may require more tender massage pressure, and Bojin Body massage may not be suitable for pregnant women.

Cleanse and Oil

All treatments and massage conditions are subject to the highest level of cleanliness. Masseuses will clean the area prior to treatment, and you may choose to have a therapeutic oil applied for the best massage experience.

Bojin Treatment

It’s time to relax, close your eyes, and enjoy! Our friendly, clean, and professional masseuse are highly trained. You can expect the same quality of treatment from each masseuse. Bojin Massages will last 90mins. Be sure to let your masseuse know what your main issues are so they can target the appropriate spots.

Post Treatment

For Bojin Facials, all facials are finished with the application of a premium-quality hydrating mask, leaving your skin refreshed, moisturised, and bright.

The Elegance Exprience

Customer Service

Our cordial dermal experts are equipped with extensive knowledge and experience to ensure our clients get the desired outcomes, at the highest level of comfort. 

This is the standard set at each of our outlets and we aim to bring the best possible customer experience to each client from the moment you contact us up to the point you leave.

Post Treatment Care

As we hold the customer experience for each of our clients dear to us, our service extends beyond the end of our treatments. We are always open to past clients asking us for advice on taking care of their face post treatment as it is an important factor of the treatment result. 

Quality of Service

As we understand that there is no “One size fits all” when it comes to services, our team of doctors and consultants will patiently take the time to fully understand our clients’ needs and restrictions to determine the best treatment to possible. 


Bojin Face & Body

By Elegance Beauty

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For $38, choose between Face or Body Bojin Treatment. OR Enjoy BOTH for $69 only!

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Bojin Body (u.p $288)

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